Nissan Unveils Two Concept Cars at Detroit Auto Show

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The Detroit Auto Show is, perhaps, the most anticipated vehicle-related event of the year. This year, Nissan showed off two major upgrades to familiar models.

The eNV200 Concept, currently in use by Japan’s Post Service and FedEx in London, will use the same electric engine as the Nissan Leaf. Nissan claims that it will have a similar range as the Leaf (approximately 73 miles), though the editors at MotorTrend are skeptical about that claim, given the size difference between the Leaf and the eNV200.

The Nissan NV200 is a cargo van, used by companies like FedEx. The American version currently gets around 25 miles per gallon and won Nissan a ten-year contract with the city of New York. The NV200 won the Taxicab of Tomorrow competition, and as a result, 13,000 NYC cabs will be Nissan NV200s starting in 2013. Nissan could start providing eNV200 vans to the city as soon as 2017.

The Pathfinder Concept brings us a completely redesigned vehicle. After 25 years, Nissan is turning the familiar SUV into a seven-passenger crossover vehicle. A unibody design, better aerodynamics, and Nissan’s Continuously Variable Transmission mean the 2013 Pathfinder will have much better fuel efficiency than the current models on the market. Most details are being kept from the public for now, but industry experts speculate that the engine will be similar in power and size to that of the Infiniti JX35.

Nissan says the new Pathfinder CUV will have excellent towing capacity, plenty of cargo space behind the third row of seats, and will be available in all-wheel and front-wheel drive versions. All further details, such as price, handling, and performance, aren’t yet available, but we’ll certainly keep an ear to the ground for sounds of reviews from around the web and bring you all the latest news as we find it. I know a small business owner who bought a pathfinder for his brick mailbox repair in arlington business, and loved how it carried all of his supplies. So he cant wait for the new concept to become reality, his site is the one that this new pathfinder will be bought becuase of.